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Industrial Pottery


Enchanting mixed-media sculptural pottery that combines pristine surfaces with rugged steel components like rebar, expanded metal, or sheet metal for an original look and feel.  The form created is more sculptural in nature, and its functionality drastically altered, although not completely denied.

Functional & Unique


Functional pieces with a personality all their own.  From small cups and bowls to large vases and vessels, there is something for everyone.

Ceramics & Sculpture


The art I make is a combination of functional ceramic forms (bowls, vases, vessels, etc.) and mixed-media ceramics. In both, I often utilize crystalline glazes and/or metallic glazes to create unique and immersive surfaces. By combining steel components with classical ceramic forms, I make what I call Industrial Pottery that questions the status quo of what pottery should look like and whether or not function has to be its main objective. 

The art of Quintin Hubbarth